Chorlton Fringe Food and Drink Festival 2005 Thurs 7th thru Monday 17th October
Things to do and make section - the interactive bit

1. Submit an entry to the Roots and Fruits Roadshow
Make, Bake, Bottle & Grow for Chorlton
As part of this year’s Chorlton Food and Drink Festival, we want everyone to get involved and show off what they can grow and make. All entries will be judged by local foodies & celebs and prizes will be awarded at a special market day on Sunday 9th Oct at Chorlton Precinct car park. Categories
Home Produce : Juice, Bread, Soft fruit jam, Chutney, Pickles, Scones, Fruit cake, or Victoria Sponge
Garden Produce : Parsnips, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Butternut Squash

View and download the PDF (needs the Acrobat Viewer, and you should have one of those on your PC and submit a written entry - download here .
Alternatively email with name, address, phone number, email address and one or more of the above categories to nominate<at>

2. Vote online for your favourite bar / shop / restaurant & etc at the Manchester Food and Drink website. Several Chorlton establishments have been nominated for an award and they would appreciate your vote. Vote Online
Unicorn Grocery, Albany Road - Best Provision Food and Drink Outlet
Marmalade, Beech Road - Newcomer of the Year
Persia Grill, Barlow Moor Road - Newcomer of the Year

3 Send a photo, the subject must relate to food / drink photo from your mobile or desktop to chorlton.fringe<AT> It'll also be archived in the gallery, appear on the front page, or worse just deleted if it's out of order.