Chorlton Fringe
Food & Drink Festival 2005
Friday 7th - Monday 17th October

Up those people who are probablycatch listeners so far I wonder fulthere's a Property Valuer Career few of you thanks for joiningwell obviously been and i started thepodcast back in for every last year andit's now approaching by the end of theyear we expect it to be about a milliondownloads so thank you to you forlistening but today we're really excitedbecause we've got the chief economistfrom the domain group dr. Andrew Wilsonwho's I've heard speak many many times Inever ever get sick of hearing what hehas to say because he is a man who lovesproperty and he's a man who's passionateabout the outlook Australian propertyand so Andrew we should open the battingby why are you so optimistic with theAustralian property outlook well we onlyhave to look at history really Bryce tosee that and as I always say that Ithink it's I mean history shows that'swhat a resilient and robust investmentvehicle residential property is and andit's not just a question of economicsit's also a question of our I guess in aconnection to property investment and asI frequently say that if we think aboutour backgrounds that most of us comefrom anglo-saxon or southern European or East.

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Values over the past monthsthe improved results are supported by aconsistent rise in transactionvolumesover recent months however listingnumbers remain very high across Darwinwhich is likely to keep a lid on thepace of capital gains for the time beinghousing markets in Canberra have Property Valuers Melbourne beenshown a solid rate of growth with values up almost three percent over therolling quarter and percent higherover the past months capital gainsare mostly evident in the detachedhousing sector which has seen an eightpoint three percent rise in dwellingvalues over the past months comparedwith a four point eight percent rise inunit values stronger economic conditionslow unemployment and a return ofconsumer confidence are likely to be themajor factors pushing the Canberradwelling values higher overall thehousing market remains diverse anddespite the month a month fallendwelling values across Melbourne the twolargest capital cities continue to setthe highest trend.

Barbakan, Battery Park, Belgian Belly, Chorlton Bookshop, Chorlton Wholefoods, Diamond Dogs, Frosts Butcher, Jam St Cafe, Magic Orange, Marble Beer House, North Star Deli, Palmiro, The Bean Counter, The Hillary Step, Uluru, and Unicorn Grocery.

Pull out some equity and go and buya blocker units cash or whatever Brisbane Property Valuers thecase may be that's going to increase thecash floats it's it's important you havethe plane because a lot of people goahead and say I'm going to go buy ahouse and I'll go Make some money andthe hope they're going to make moneytheir prey they're going.
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Sunday 9th October - Chorlton Festival Day

Chorlton Mall /Graeme House - car park
Stallholders will include Hog Roast, Wild Food Provisions, Ipanema Coffee (all the way from Brazil), Paul's Bread/Pizza Oven (all the way from Melton Mowbray!), North Star Delicatessen Gourmet Food, Marble Beer entertainment and much more. '

Property knowledgeto get to the career you want and the satisfaction you want in that you usethis knowledge to harness that to createa passive income for life I how do youlive is up with all this wisdom you'vegot where was that my own into thatsound I know it's a Star Trek me it'salmost like a preaching session that onebut of course I'm I'm being tankingcheap because it's actually a lot ofwisdom in that might say well very wellsaid so they go folks there the tenbiggest risks when investing propertythat we face as property investors andI'm sure you can relate to some of thembut Sir general market and economic risklegislation and regulation risk propertycycle risk weather and climate riskplanning risk advice risk moneymanagement risk the actual property riskthe bricks and mortar and the day-to-dayminutia risks and then of course thehuman behavior risks which is largelydefined by procrastination so they havea been hopefully that's been some foodtake away some of that stuff some peoplewould hurt before some of it might benew and what I always say to people isif you're in either of those twocategories.

The Roots & Fruits Roadshow' invites members of the public to enter their homemade culinary creations and/or thir home grown produce. Also your chance to vote for your favourite establishment in the Manchester Food and Drink Awards. You can also send in your food/drink picture which will appear on this page.

Property one of these you'll have a great result Valuations SA you need to obviously need to challenge themfrom a professional capacity in terms ofthey are working in my best interests orthey're working in their own bestinterest and if they are and they canback it up with research and statisticsand and results and experience andknowledge leverage from that knowledgeno one's an island that's a really goodpoint and even the if you think ofindividual sports tennis players golfersthey still have a caddy they still havea coach though analyzes their techniquessee how they can tweak it i think theproperty investing is more of a game of basketball where you've got a bunch ofteammates a great you get to the roadanalogy but even if you do think aboutthe individual sports.


Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2005

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